Have you felt unwell because of the emotional pain and physical pain you had today?

Have you ever wondered at the moment, that your problems are just going around and around?

Or you don't even feel good about yourself when you wake up in the morning because you are still dwelling in your past unconsciously?

Maybe you feel there is unfinished business or an experience in the past that is bothering you with a certain emotion like guilt, regret, maybe anger, sadness, hurt or fear?

And there are times when these feeling keep arising... ..seems really unberable. 

I know how it feels.

I have been there, 

You are not alone.

The dark days, a decision made to move on and to forget about it...

But it keeps arising and overtime it can be more painful. Then before you realise it, it is effecting your wellbeing.

Remember you are a light and not just a light but a beautiful one.

Love and happiness are simply your birthright.

Together, let's bring that light back and, shine and radiate again.

Let me help you with my program to start your new journey, connect you with your mind body and soul,

So you can live the life you desire... happiness, health and abundance.



What is Pain? How do you get that pain? why you have to have pain? Pain is one way of your unconcious mind seeking your attention from you to action problems or resolve troubled emotions. This thecnique can remove or mitigate pain you have without you being hypnotized. You don't need to believe in this system, all you need is YOU WANT TO GET BETTER or HEALTHIER. And if that is what you want....let me help you NOW!


Do you ever have inconsistent results? Are you wanting to make changes but its too hard to do? Do you have unwanted habits/behaviours you would like to release?... Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation. The key to your INNER POWER to change your unconcious patterns and behaviours in order for you to move towards a better and more fulfilling life experiencing the success and happiness that you NOW deserve.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

The way we think, the words we say determine our lives. How is it possible someone can produce a certain behaviour?. Changing the way you are thinking and your communication, you are able to change your behaviour and have a better life. In other words, Neuro Linguistic Programming is how to use the language of the mind to consistenly achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

Positive Psychology

Feeling good about yourself and knowing your strengths helps you to perform better in every area of your life. This will help you to thrive and live life to the full. That is Positive Psychology.

Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT

When we depressed, upset, scared, your energy in your body will not do well. Your emotional states tells you how energy in your body is doing and by using this tapping technique, it will reduce the negative emotions therefore you will achieve a healthy energy to support  your daily life.

Time Line Therapy ®

Have you ever wondered how to move forward with life easily without holding onto your negative emotions such as anger, sadness,  and hurt?.... or maybe a life time fear, guilt and regret?. Discover your time line past, present, future and find the root cause of the problems to release that negative emotions with the learning for your future. 

Past Life Regression Therapy

This therapy often gives a new perspectives and vital information that can improve the way we view ourselves and our present-day life. By visiting past lives, it can provide us with the opportunity to learn from the past and evolve into our future.


Everything you have experienced in your life is STORED IN YOUR BODY and through Kinesiology we can access information about a person's well being using muscle testing. Kinesiology address physical, biochemical and psychological mechanism of movement. When there is no blockage, the energy will flow freely in your body to support you to become the best person you want to be.



Empowering Your Mind For Mastering Your Emotions

Empowering Your Mind For  Stress Reduction

Empowering Your Mind For Performance Enhancement

Empowering Your Mind For Stop Smoking

Empowering Your Mind For Weight Loss

Empowering Your Mind For Personal Breakthrough 



Sri Cannon

My PASSION has always been trying to help people to be able to understand about themselves, their lives and to help them achieve a better self. Over the years I have been dealing with my own grievances, started when I was 7 years old.

My long journey started  when I found my only brother dead, followed shortly by an unsuccessful relationship, my grandma died and then my lovely pet dog died. All this left me with No Motivation to live. In our marriage we had to deal with the grief of miscarriages too. not only had I to overcome all these emotions, but I had to support my parents as well to overcome their own grief and regret. Acceptance and gratitude is all I have, not realizing I have been carrying all my grief and regret in my body unconsciously for almost 20 years. 

In March 2014, I began to learn about kinesiology and began to understand deeply the connection between mind and body. With this new found knowledge, personally I began to make a big impact on others lives and definitely on my own life, from emotional pain and physical pain. I began to appreciate life even more, love myself in a gentle way and set myself free from my stresses, my trauma and my sicknesses..

Death is not the only experience of those emotions. It could be a relationship, career, lost your dreams, lost personal possesions, lost a job/business, a misscarriage, adoption, or separated from family....

I am constantly learning and educating myself so I may understand more about the connection between mind and body. As a NLP Coach and a Hypnosis Trainer, I had a profound healing breakthrough combining all the modalities I have learned. My past is not holding me back anymore.

I overcame my regret, my grief, my guilt, my sicknesses, my stresses, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions. Even more.. I took back control of  my life and let the light shine.

The Long and Difficult Journey my parents and I had was a valuable experience for me and therefore my mission is to help people who are dealing with stress, emotional pain, physical pain, having unwanted habits and behaviours because the impact of grief, regret and guilt they had experienced.

I help people to move on in their lives effortlessly and to be able to take back control of their joy and life again, experiencing  SUCCESS and FULFILLING A BETTER LIFE.


 How To Overcome Grief, Guilt Or Regret And Live The live You Deserve


Five Tips To Achieve Freedom From Grief, Guilt Or Regret You Have Experienced.


Have you ever lost someone you loved suddenly?

Have you ever been in a situation where it seems like there is no choice in life and you must let go of someone, a dream or something that is dear to you? 

Have you tried to get over it?

Or you just move on without paying attention to the emotions inside you because you are keep repeating to yourself “that’s life, get over it, life sucks, it’s not fair”

Or I have to be strong for my children, for my family”.

Maybe you are just like me…

Buried my grief, got over it, managed to move on and not living in the past anymore.

However, the feeling of sadness, hurt, guilt, regret were rising again and again… then wipe them out and sweep them  under the carpet.

One morning I was trying to wake up my only brother, but he was dead already.

Imagine the feeling inside you, the trauma, and the shock that you have to experience in those first minutes as you were still wondering what went wrong.

Imagine when your life was impacted with the loss and not just one loss, but three losses at the same time.

Grief, guilt and regret are the most challenging emotions I have had to overcome with and it changed my life completely. 

Grief is not about death only.

In fact…

A lot of grief we experience has nothing to do with death.

I managed to move on…

However unconsciously I carried those emotions for more than 15 years in my mind and my body.


I had been carrying my past grief, guilt and regret like carrying a heavy bag on my shoulders everywhere I went.

Slowly but surely they impacted my wellbeing. Sicknesses, stresses, limiting beliefs, limiting decisions and trauma were part of my life.

My sicknesses and stresses lead me to study about mind and body. 

There is a connection between mind and body. When they align, they will support your life, goals you want to achieve and dreams.

In a way.…

You are able to reach your highest potential, live the life you deserve.

So, all these things inspired me to  create a system where the connection mind and body  can be connected  beautifully and  therefore shorten the period of grieving, guilt and regret.  

Now I am free from my past grievances, I have moved on easily, taking back control of my life and following my dream.



Here are my tips to achieve freedom from grief, guilt or regret:

1. Stop blaming other people or even yourself. There is no benefit blaming people or yourself, instead learn to open your mind to get the positive learning from what happened in your life.

2. Forgive people or yourself.  No one is perfect! Having peace in your mind is very important for you in able to thrive happily. 

3. Stop living in the past. Your past is meant to guide you not define you. Live in the present.

4. Fearing change means “Stuck”.  The moment you stop learning is the moment you die. Change has to happen in order for you to grow and become a better  person. So embrace change!

5. Do not build up your unhealthy emotions  such as, sadness, anger, hurt, fear, guilt or regret in your life like I did. Instead  release them in the right way. This is the one that most people forgot to do or they don't realise it.

My last tip is when I say “not only have you to look after your body but your mind too”.

It is imperative to release those unhealthy emotions so it doesn’t have negative impact in our future lives.

Where there are no more unwanted and unhealthy emotions stored in your mind, then you can live the life you deserve. 


As Plato, the Greek Philosopher said: “… if the head and body are to be healthy you must begin by curing the mind…”


Let Us Shine & Radiate.

Sri Cannon




When I met Sri, I had grief and the trauma of miscarriages. Also I was having problems communicating with my loved ones and its escalated over time. Sri is passionate, gentle and her professionalism in what she does helped me to overcome my many obstacles. Since then I have been able to move on easily to reach a better future, my relationship with my loved ones hava greatly improved. I am a proud mother of two children now. Thank you Sri for making all posiible for me!

-Sarah Geng, Sydney

I Saw Sri for a breakthrough session and found her support and coaching techniques to be life changing. She provided me all the tools and guidance I needed to make lasting positive changes in my life and I now feel confident and capable of achieving my life goals. I would recommend Sri's coaching program to anyone who is ready to transform themselves and their life. Thank you Sri.

-Courtney J, Toukley NSW

So glad that Sri helped me in 2014 to move on gently by opening up my life to release my guilt, regret and fearful emotions that I held on to in the past. Now my life has been changed. I no longer live in the circle that brought me nowhere. 

-Novita Rahardja, Auckland Nz

Sri Cannon cured me of smoking in one session. I am 54 and have smoked all my life and although I had had some brief successes previously I have never given up smoking so easily. Sri did not build up any overt negativity about cigarettes so it does not bother me to be around smokers yet I have no compulsion to smoke. I am confident that I will never smoke again. Sri brought great passion and energy into the hypnosis session, all I brought a long was an open mind and willingness to do my best to follow the instructions. I was ready but without her healing intention I know how hard would be. Sri also assisted me to get clean of dope as well. So here I am with the world at my feet and more optimism than I could have imagined. Thank you Sri,from my heart and my soul.

-Peter C Shelton, Sydney...a new man with so so much to offer and be grateful for. 

Sri's naturally gentle nature immediately puts me at ease and her genuine compassion for people is inspiring. I would hghly recommend Sri to anyone seeking a holistic minded practitioner. 

- Vicky Abela, Sydney

I found Sri very prepared, professional, practical and logical with her approach to helping me. She has a generous heart and works with you to achieve the best out come possible.

- Michelle Newman, NSW

I had known Sri for many years now and I know that She is a great healer. Sri has helped me with my back problem. I was amazed how quickly the treatment worked. Not only is she very competent in what she does but she has this great positive energy that just makes you feel at ease in her presence. I would strongly recommend Sri's services to anyone.

- Klaudia Perikic, Sydney

I highly recommend Sri if you are struggling with grief, guilt and regret. She knows what this feels like first hand and can help you move past this and onto positive path. Great work Sri. xx

- Blazenka Dzido Bradley, Sydney

Sri really helped me successfully to gain new perspective, releasing limiting beliefs and negative emotions. I highly recommend Sri if you're struggling personnally or professionally and feel like you're held back by emotions.

- Anne Barratt, NSW




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